Hi guys!this is my first post after my comeback on the blog after such a long time.sorry for the delay guys,but I was really engaged with different issues and had literally no time for blogging but now I am back and here comes my first comeback post.
So the product I am going to review today is clean and clear morning energy face wash in the variant brightening berry.Before trying this one out I had already used the regular clean and clear foaming cleanser and clean and clear morning energy face wash in variant purifying apple,and I must say that I was quite impressed with both of them because both of then didn't break me out.So I got a great cleanser at such a great price so it was a thumbs up performance.
So lets start with the review in detail.


WHAT THE COMPANY CLAIMS-Brighten your dull looking skin with this gentle face wash which has BURSTING BEADS that bursts with energy and brightening berry extract gives you a burst of morning energy anytime of day.the rich foam thoroughly removes oil and dirt.It has has special ingredients that help prevent common skin problems,without over drying.natural berry extracts brighten dull skin.

PRICE: Rs 95/- for 100ml
MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE PRODUCT-I must say I had quite high expectations when I bought this variant,because of my past experience with other variants.although its cleansing power is same as that of other variants and it smells very yummy and sweet this product  broke me out which didn't happened to me with other variants.I bought brightening berry this time because it looked tempting to me lying on the shelf in super market.I wanted to try some new variant this time.
2.foams well doesn't clogs your pores
4.good cleansing power
5.leaves your skin squeaky clean removes makeup quite well
7.smells nice and yummy
8.affordable,good amount at great price
9. doesn't dries out the skin has salicylic acid as one of the ingredients so it is supposed to fight your acne problems
11.nice and sturdy packaging

CONS- broke me out. :(
WILL I REPURCHASE IT-no ,because it broke me out.i would rather repurchase the purifying apple variant which didn't break me out.

RATING: 5-1=4, -1 for breaking me out.
It depends on person to may react differently with different can go ahead and try it out because it doesn't burn a big hole in your pocket.
Hope this review was helpful to you.
thanks for reading.see you soon.


  1. thanx for the review,,,i was looking forward to buy this

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