Hello to my internet family
How are you all? Well as for me I am having mood swings…..hihihhihi…..ya guys….sometimes I become very happy and sometimes so sad.  Happy part is when something good happens and sad part…….I don’t know exactly why I become sad……Maybe that’s when everything doesn’t go as thought it would be. And I think that’s pretty much normal. We do become sad when something doesn’t happen as per our wish or what we want. Every one of us has their mood swings at times. Makeup and beauty really makes me happy. Blog is not a work to me; it’s my love…..my passion…..something that always cheers me up. Talking to all of like-minded people here is pretty much awesome.
Putting all those sad behind and talking of happiness see what Oriflame have come up with this February guys……
Ya I am talking about the new product launches in the month of February.

So for this month Oriflame under THE ONE collection has launched ten new shades of matte lipsticks. Can you believe this guy….Ten new shades….. This totally freaked me out (in a positive way of course) I was like yaeiiiii…….These lipsticks have been launched for the first time in India By the company and these have really impressed me.
Not only the ten new lip colors you will also see three new blushes under the same range. These are basically double colored blushes, which means, you will be getting two colors in price of one. Isn’t that amazing?

New products, new ranges, makes me very happy and I think this goes for almost every one of us here.
Since this is the month of love So boys if you are reading this, get your girl these lip colors. They look fab.
And all of us know that Oriflame is great company and it’s definitely gonna give you some amazing introductory discounts on these products that are being launched in the month of February and so the price won’t be an issue. What I personally think is that if you wish to buy a product you should definitely take advantage of the “ new product launches” offers, because the percentage of discounts you will see now are always more than what get offered afterwards. So getting a product when there is a “product launch” discount is always a wiser choice. I always make use of that. If I really like a product and think it’s worthy then I get it as soon as it launched ( as far as oriflamme is concerned)  So guys its already Februaury, so check their catalogue. All you have to do is go on their site Oriflame.co.in and click on the current month catalogue and there you go……find a oriflame representative or order it online….entirely your choice…..be quick as products often go out of stock.
Happy Shopping
Have a nice day…..

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