Pamper your skin with sheet masks : Fall Alert

 Hello busy bees

Its fall time and most lovable time of the year. The climate has become pleasant and the productivity levels have skyrocketed. Today my dear readers the post is all about how to keep your skin soft and plum in this cool and dry season when moisture levels in the atmosphere will reduce and therefore your skin will need extra care to prevent any kind of cracks and redness.

The panacea for it are the sheet masks. Yes the most popular products in the skincare industry today. I am sharing with you all few of them here so that you can make up your mind and choose the right one.
I will also tell you about why the particular variants I am showing here are the one I chose. I got my products from Nykaa

1. Innisfree my real squeeze mask: Oatmeal

Reason for picking this: 

#Innisfree is a trusted and safe brand

#I have an acne prone skin. I was looking for something that could calm and soothe my skin in addition to keeping my face hydrated.

#Oatmeal and yoghurts very apt for sensitive and irritated skin.

2. Dear Packer home ready mask : Charcoal

Reasons for picking this:

# I read lot of articles about beneficial effects of activated charcoal on the skin.

# I have already used Lush's charcoal facial cleanser. Honestly it did not worked well for me. My skin actually break out even more after it usage. But worked well for my mom.

#wished to try charcoal product from different brand. Highly skeptical about it.

3. Its Skin moisture and fresh mask sheet: Bamboo

Reasons for picking this:

#Korean brands are popular for skin care.

#Bamboo kind of attracted me. I have tried numerous variants of rose, turmeric, oatmeal, lavender but not the bamboo so yes I then readily added it to my cart.

4. Etude House skin moisturizing mask: Hyaluronic acid

Reasons for picking this:

#Researched that hyaluronic acid works great for pimples.

#Wanted something to cure my pimples and keep my skin hydrated in this dry season.

5. Mond'Sub deep brightening and whitening beauty facial mask 

Reasons for picking this:

# Don't know this brand at all. Completely Guiney pig kind  ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜of moment for me.

#It was on off. It was for 250INR but I got it at 50% discount.

I am severing by using these sheet mask for getting extra moisture for my skin. These days sheet masks for your arms and feet are also trending but I haven't tried them yet. If any of you have then do tell me if they actually need to be tried. I will then review it as well.

I hope you liked the post and if you have queries regarding any particular product do comment below and I will make sure to reply to all of them.

*Not a sponsored post. All products have been purchased by my own money.


  1. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. I love face masks and I would like to try them all!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  3. The oatmeal mask and the charcoal ones sound really interesting! Also I replied to your question back on my blog if you are interested.


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  4. Oh these sheet masks really look amazing. Can't wait to try them out.

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