How to get rid off your splint ends

Here are some ways which will you help to solve your splint end problem which is with most of us.
v  *Long hair tends to split due to natural wear and tear; so get your hair trimmed regularly. I would say get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks.

v  *When you go to a salon do take advantage of their conditioning and invest in them for home use too. Use a treatment when you soak in the bath.

v  *Always use a heat protection even while you are blow drying your hair.

v  *Unless you are changing color or introducing new tones in your hair never take bleach through ends. They will become overprocessed,dry and very brittle

v  *Too much color on short hair causes splint ends as does overusing of heat styling.

v  *Try not to over straighten your hair. Give it a break of one to two days between irons in order to keep them healthy.

v  *Wash your hair in the evening and blow dry with flat/paddle brush that way you can use a lower heat setting and you won’t be pushed for time.

v  Never try to get rid off the splint ends by simply breaking them with your hand. This may make the condition worst.

v  If your hair is neglected:
Treatment that you can use is UMBERTO GIANNINI OVERNIGHT BEAUTY BALM. you have to apply it overnight and day wake up with renewed hair.
v  If your hair is heat damaged
 Treatment you can use is L’Oreal paris elvive anti breakage masque. Use twice a week for great results.

v  If your hair is dry and coarse
           Treatment you can use is AUSSIE 3 MIN MIRACLE RECONSTRUCTOR.
it is really quick takes only 3 minutes, it is an award winning product. Apply to wet hair and leave for 3 minutes –once you have brushed your teeth you are ready to rinse!!!!!