So today I am back with another product review. The product which I am going to review today is “everyuth cleanser and toner”. Recently I was looking out for a toner that is alcohol free. I have already tried the one by Himalaya, although it did fine job but had one problem-it was a bit viscous and sticky. So when at the mall I saw this as a pack of two at highly discounted price. I couldn’t resist myself from buying it because it fulfilled my criteria of being alcohol free. So that’s the story of how I ended up buy this.

Now let’s learn a bit about the product:
What the company claims:
At the end of the day your skin needs a gentle cleanser & toner to remove all skin impurities, dirt and grime. Made from pure & natural Rose Water, this alcohol-free Face Cleanser and Toner soothe your skin and leaves it with a soft after feel and a tingling freshness. What's more it can also be used to remove your eye and face make up.

Key Ingredients
Rose Water: A perfect 'natural tonic' which soothes, moisturizes and tones your skin
Glycerin: Helps to maintain skin's natural moisture balance while making your skin soft & supple
Tea Tree Oil: A plant of Australian origin. Its natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties help to control excess oil secretion.
Now my experience with the product:
This has I must admit quite disappointed me. I bought this because of
*being alcohol free
*had tea tree oil
*rose water,,,,, but I couldn’t find any result as expected from these ingredients.
On the other hand this broke me out. So I at once stopped using this. Then I thought that maybe I could use it in my face packs due to rose water in it. But this again was a flop show.
Now I really understand why pack of two was at highly discounted price.
I will never recommend this to a friend