Intimate pink eau de toilette by jean Philippe

Hello everybody!
           Today what we are going to read here is another perfume review. Till now you may have experienced that I love collecting fragrances, scents, pretty much everything which smells good. I am a kind of obsessive person. I get obsessed by different things at different times. So currently its perfumes and deodorants. So you are going to see plenty of such reviews on my blog. So one here today is intimate pink. I bought this perfume online from along with curve chill. This was originally for rs. 700 but I got this at much discounted price of rs. 250. So when I saw this offer I was like let’s get it. 250 is no harm if I don’t like it I can gift it. Hehehe…..

So about the product:

The bottle:
I liked it. I find its cap very classy. It is a pink glass bottle with silver plastic cap. But my sister finds the plastic cap cheap. That’s how we are; I and my sister always have different opinions.

The fragrance:
This is a bit strong for me. I would like to tell you that I have a very sensitive nose. My family thinks of me as a sniffer dog. But that’s not my fault. It’s not that the fragrance is irritating for me. It’s just too strong for me. My mom and sis like it. My cousin liked it too. So that’s the only the reason that it’s still with me, otherwise till now it had been gifted.

It is a much of sweet and fruity smell. It is a vintage type of smell, something that reminds you of old Hollywood flicks. It is 108 ml for 250 rupees which is really not bad. My dad told me that intimate was very sought after scent when he was young. I was surprised that it was so old and still selling. Might be something.ya…. its really long lasting up to 8- 10 hrs.

My final verdict:
It is descent fragrance at descent pricing.

Will I repurchase it?  No. considering my sensitive nose.