Hi sweeties!
I know very soon you all are going back to your schools/colleges/universities because summer vacations are ending. I know it’s sad to leave all the comforts your home and go back to hostels. But you know everything has a sad part and the fun part. College is fun and schools are funnier too. So you all might be stocking up your supplies and one of the important part is a deodorant or a perfume or a roll on that saves your day in hot weather.  Same is the matter with me. Stocking up supplies for the college is something I love. So today I am going to review a deo which has currently entered the market. NIVEA WHITENING DEODRANT. 
It claims to whiten the dark skin of the underarm area which every girl wishes to achieve. No doubt.

 My experience with product:

The bottle: adore it.

The fragrance: love it.

Staying power: good. It practically lasts all day long.

Does it keep body odour away? 98/100

When I first put it on, I really found the difference.
The underarm area gets darken especially when you use hair removal creams, lotions or when you shave. So is this product really such a magical thing.

Here’s the twist.

Yesterday, I sprayed it on, I accidently sprayed some of it on my spaghetti top as well. Now the container strictly says that don’t spray on the clothes, spray on the body only and shake well before use. Now I myself is not a big fan of using deodorants directly on my skin, I usually use them on my clothes, I use a talc to keep underarm area dry. But since it claims to whiten the underarms I took the risk, so when it accidently touched my clothes, it was all white and when I touched it it was bit powdery, which made me think is it only bursting a shower of white powder, which sits on underarms and gives the illusion of whitish underarms. It means it is not helping the skin in actual. If I will stop using it my underarms will be dark again.
If you are using it or planning to buy it do give it a try and tell me if I am right because otherwise I am completely loving this deodorant.

Price: rs.179

Will I repurchase it: still thinking? want to but not too sure.


  1. hey I have this too..d thg is it gets powdery on clothes..on skin it wont if shaken properly n sprayed from a does not work dat ya its ok kinds..

  2. i have this one and i love it for the reason that it lasts all day long....:)

  3. Deo lasting all day long! Sounds great..I've switched to perfumes from deo and most them of them don't last beyond 4 hours on me!

  4. hi can try this this lasts long :)


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