6 easy ways to reduce skin blemishes

Hey girls!!

Today I am going to give you some tips to reduce pimples. We usually get break outs in our teens and the face really looks bad with pimples over it. Everyone wishes to have clean and clear skin with not a single blemish on it. Moreover there a lot of products available in market claiming to solve the pimple problem but which one to buy then there is again a big question, even if we have purchased any of it will it really help to get clear skin or whether it will suit our skin, is there any gurantee that our skin will not get any rashes or something like that. So today I am going to tell you some of the easy and homemade remedies that will solve this problem without having any side effects. Here are few tips for you all. Check it out.

1. Grind some margosa (neem) leaves and mix it with pinch of turmeric powder, a little milk and gram basin (besan) to form a thick paste. Apply thickly on face. Wash with luke warm water after 15 minutes.

2. Avoid rich fatty and fried food. Take plenty of water, fresh juices, lots of greens and fruits. Sweets, chocolates, puddings and spicy food must be avoided and tea and coffee should be kept to minimum. Drink a glass of hot water slowly with juice of half lemon squeezed in it, first thing in morning. This will tone up the system and help get rid of impurities of blood.

3. To discourage pimples and make skin clearer, rub mint leaves and strain. After washing the face with soap and water, apply mint juice and let it dry. Wash it off the next morning.

4. If you tend to get pimples, make sure to drink the water of fresh coconut every day, wash your face with whatever is left. This helps to clear the skin.

5. If you are prone to pimples in summers, keep washing your face with soap and ice cold water, several times a day. Also apply a paste made up of fuller’s earth (multani matti) or sandalwood rose water every other day to cool and clear the skin.

6. Grind some cumin seeds (zeera), and mix with water to make paste. Apply this on face. Wash off after few minutes when nearly dry. Repeat this treatment every other day to discourage pimples.
Hope you will find these tips helpful. Do try these out to prevent break outs. These are really effective. Do tell how these tips worked on you by commenting below. Till the next post bye…



  1. Nice tips! I drink warm water with honey and lemon every morning..it really helps to maintain weight also :)

  2. ya it is a great tip parita.many Hollywood celebs swear by it.....;)


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