Mantras to stay healthy-part 1

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Today I am going to give you most important mantras (tips and techniques)  of life to stay healthy. Girls we are always thinking about how to look beautiful, have clearer skin and look best of all. But between all this we forget that beauty is not all about applying makeup products, using masks, foundations etc. etc. if one wants to really look perfect, gorgeous one needs to follow a healthy routine. One needs to stay healthy. It is the inside beauty which means and stays for long with us. So today I am going to give you some mantras that will really t help you to stay healthy. I am going to do this article in parts. This is the first part of the post. Do check it out…….here we go. 

1. Eat a healthy, low fat lunch. Spend at least 20 minutes on that. Thereafter, give yourself a break for few minutes by reading a book, taking a short walk or just chatting.

2. Keep changing your routine. A repetitive routine is monotonous and unhealthy.

3. A mouthwash mixed with a pinch of alum powder before going to bed will keep you away from dental problems.

4. Honey is next only to date fruit as a nourishing food and a source of energy. It is six time richer than milk in nutrition.

5. During moments of stress, a couple of teaspoonful of honey soothes the nerves and relaxes the mind.

6. Keep your head cool and feet warm and you will keep the doctor away.

7. Pull in your tummy as often you can. It will keep you in good shape.

8. Mash a banana and mix it with some honey. Apply it on your face for about 10 minutes and wash. Your face will start glowing within few days.

9. Bitter gourd (karela), neem leaves and fenugreek seeds are said to be effective in controlling diabetes.

10. Inhaling with one nostril and exhaling with other will help in reducing all your tensions. This is the tested yogic formula.

11. One should walk at least 4-5 kilometers a day. It is the way to a healthy mind and body.

12. Missing a meal, specially dinner is really a very healthy practice.

13. Keep the windows open during the night. Not for the thiefs hahaha……take in deep breaths on waking in the morning till you make your chest swell.

14. Drink a glass of warm milk during bedtime. It will help you to sleep better and also improves your excretory system.

15. Eat less than you eat. It will keep your body slim and in shape. Most people fall ill simply because they eat more than they require.

16. Don't go to bed immediately after dinner. Keep an interval of 3-4 hours between your sleep and dinner.

17. Honey prevents cold, cough and fever. It also a blood purifier. It also makes food tastier.

Hope you liked the tips.Feel free to comment below.
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  1. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog today...nice to meet another 'newbie' blogger like me :-)....nice blog...keep going!!

    BTW, Great tips, I'm also planning a post on health tips some time soon!!


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