Mantras to stay healthy- Part 2

 This is the second part of mantras to stay healthy. Hope you find these tips useful. is a complete science which gives you complete control over mind and immunes our body against the devastating effects of aging.
18.heavy,oily food, nuts and dry fruit all increases the cholesterol and fat levels of our body. Avoid them as far as possible.
19.drink enough water( at least 8 glasses ) is the best beverage that flushes your system.avoid aerated drinks.
20.four ounces of wine or beer or one ounce of liquor contains 100 calories, adding unnecessarily to your weight.

21. don't  wash your eyes with hot water. It will damage them.
22. if your eyes fell tired, shut them and cover them with your palms for sometime.
23.sun rays help in making vitamin D in your body.sit everyday in the morning sun for a while.
24.eating fruits and vegetables is really beneficial for the body.
25.try to avoid the afternoon is really harmful at that time of day.
26. cow milk and honey are secret to health and beauty.
27.eating meat is harmful as it doesn't contain fibre which is required to extract out the unused portion of the food.vegetables and fruits are ideal source of fibres.
28.if your stomach feels bloated, exhale and hold your breathe for few seconds. Repeat for 7-8 times. You will relieved.
29.stretch your body to the maximum, standing on your toes,pointing your hands skywards or bending them backwards.
30. do not be fooled into believing that we can eat as much we like as long as we are exercising.
31.3500 calories equals to one pound of fat. To work off that amount you need to do 15 minutes of continuous exercising. chillies contain a lot of vitamin C and A, few calories and no fat. if you don’t mind the sting munch it with your meal.
33.isabagol and guar gum are the best sources of fibre.the later will curb your craving for food while the former will wok as great laxative and flush your system.
34.when your eyes feel tired hold a pencil in front of your eyes and touch it to your nose.the tip of the pencil should be near your eyebrows. Try to look at the pencil for a minute or so.shut your eyes for another minute. This exercise will really help the eyes to relax.
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