Hey darlings!
Today I am going to talk about my Maybelline waterproof mascara wanted to share my experience with product with you so I am doing this  review want you to know it’s good things and the bad things before you purchase this mascara.

My experience with the product:
About the packaging: it comes in cylindrical container as most of the mascaras do but what catches your eye is its magnificent green color .the one with white plastic at top is not waterproof while this one which I got(with blue plastic top) is the waterproof one. The printing on the bottle has faded away (you can see in the pictures)  which looks quite cheap while my oriflame mascara which is nearly 2 years older than this one has all the printing still intact.T hats the sad part.
About the formula: it is 6.5 ml in quantity. The product claims to create no clumps and leave the lashes separated but what I found was opposite of this. My lashes got clumped rather. It lives up to its claim of being waterproof. It’s really hard sometimes to remove the product from my lashes.
About the wand: the mascara wand has blue brush. It’s really flexible which helps to apply the product easily. It picks up right amount of product. Really nice wand.
Overall verdict: what I have experienced that this mascara has great wand, packaging but poor formulation. It doesn’t lengthen or curl my lashes. My oriflamme mascara works billion times better on my lashes. But you can give this a try, might work for you because I have recently learnt that different mascaras work differently on different lashes.
Price: it costed me 300 rupees. The non waterproof variant is a bit cheaper.
Hope you find my review helpful and do comment below….