Mantras to stay healthy- Part 3

 Hi guys!!!
this is the last and final part of the mantras series.i am extremely sorry for the delay. i was really busy these days so couldn't post it.i hope you liked the first two parts and will find this one also very much useful.........
35.avoid, long hours with the head phones as the affect the eardrums, irreversibly.
36. eat plenty of carrots when in season.remember eating fruit is more beneficial than drinking its juice as its fibres are very essential for the body.

37.eating oranges or citric fruits help in reducing blood pressure.
38. garlic is an excellent medicine for several ailment s. eat few coriander leaves afer eating garlic. The foul smell will vanish. fruits a little unripe as they contain more energy than the ripe ones. you suffer from chronic constipation? Soak 2-3 dried figs in water overnight and take them with 3 spoons of will see the positive results in 2-3 weeks. This also beneficial during dry cough and weakness.
41. black pepper is said to be good cue for dry also clears the phlegm and works as an expectorant.
42. yoga experts advise to sleep on you left hand side. It keeps one healthy.
43.always avoid self medication on pregnant women, old people, kids and people with liver or kidney ailments.
44.give your children a good mustard oil massage once in a week usually in the winters.
45. mulberries, guavas and grapes are very good laxatives. Eat them in plenty to keep you system clean.
46. drink plenty of water with medicine it will help in dissolving in dissolving the medicine easily and will not  harm the delicate tissues of the stomach.
47.the only way to quit smoking is just stop- no ifs no buts.
48. having bath with cold water can stimulate endurance and help you keep away from cold.
 49.if your lips are dry and chapped, don't lick them as that will make them drier and dehydrated.apply Vaseline on them.
50.avoid the first flow of water from the tap in the morning as the water remains stagnant entire night in the lead pipes and using the same water can be harmful the body.
51.while brushing and cleaning the tongue in morning also rub and massage your gums with your middle finger of your right hand.
So how  was it. Do you like all the three parts. Do tell me if you need help on any of the point listed in my post. Follow my blog to keep going on and bring more of new ideas, tips for you all guys….


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