Hey guys!!!
How are you all  doing.How was my post on the Oscars red carpet???Hope you liked it.Today I am going to do a review post.It has been while since I have done one.The product I am going to talk about is Dove cleansing wipes.All of us use wipes in our routine.This I think is the basic necessity of all girls.For cleaning a dusty face,makeup face,mascara,eyeliner or be it the eyeliner we all quickly grab our wipes pack and take it out.(yeah everybody does that)

Yes,and this is also very true that I use use them mostly when I am in a rush.But when I have enough time I make sure to clean my face with a good cleanser,as you know there nothing else as good as washing your face with ample amount of fresh water.Also I have read somewhere that these wipes sometimes lead to change in the pH of your skin which can break you out.But still you need (I need) it at times.Honestly speaking most of the time I use it when its very cold and I don't feel like washing my face or at times when I come back home at late night from parties and feel very tired to wash my face,(I know it is very bad has costed me too also by breaking me out).so coming back to the review part,so lets get started with it.....
The texture of the wipes is very soft. They were not harsh on my face.They didn't caused me any redness.It has a very mild fragrance,so I loved it.The fragrance just re-freshens and enlightens your mood.The moisture content is intermediate/normal.The wipes are not too wet.It does a good job in removing dust particles from my face but as far as the makeup removal is concerned it removes most of it but not all of it.After using it I finally used my cleanser for proper cleaning of my face,as your skin needs to breathe while you sleep.So overall it is an average product like the other normal wipes.But yes you can definitely give them a try.These are good for sensitive to normal skin types as they don't cause any type of rashes or allergy.
You can get these at any local beauty store.


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