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Hope you all are liking my haul posts.Your appreciation really means a lot to me and it keeps me going on and on like this.If you guys have any haul posts or videos do share them with me and you can leave the links for the same in the comments below.i will make sure to see them and get inspired from them.well all this talk apart, today i am going to review HAIRX VOLUME BOOST LEAVE IN CONDITIONER by oriflame.This product was bought by me especially for my mom.My mom's hair was thinning from last few months and it was concerning her a lot(me too).So she was constantly asking me to find an appropriate product for the same.So i ended up buying this leave in conditioner as it appeared appealing to me.i didn't want to use something harsh or strong initially so i got this conditioner to be on the safe side.i have come across many such products which assures to give volume and instead it results in hair i decided why not start with this leave in conditioner.i think i have talked much so lets start with product review,,,,

WHAT THE COMPANY CLAIMS: HAIRX volume boost leave conditioner that leaves your hair fine and flat with volumising effect.
WHAT I THINK : The packaging is good. its a mauve colored bottle with white top and transparent cap.its a spray bottle.the product has fruity and floral fragrance.i just loved the fragrance,smells just like any perfume though its not that long lasting.i just love its floral and fruity mom uses it on her damped hair always after washing her hair. i have observed that her hair has become smooth and shiny after its usage.Her hair looks healthier than before but as far as the volumising effect is concerned which was the main reason for buying this leave in conditioner is not so great.Volume boost is not the correct word i would say.volumising effect i would say was a little my final verdict is that its a good product but not great.
WHAT MY MOM THINKS: Its an average product but it do make my hair smooth.


If you guys have some suggestions,questions for me do leave them in the comment below.So till my next post bye bye....


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