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How you are all doing. I am back with new post. You know I am very crazy about   nail paints. They are my weakness. Whenever I go to the shop to get my beauty essentials and there at the counter these lovelies are always staring at me to pick them up and try them on.  There is not a single time that I have returned from the market without 2 or 3 of these. And now I have boxes (storage place) of these. I just love to color my nails. I change the color on my nails after every 2-3 days and my very favorite ones are on my nails even more than a week. I have nail enamels in different colors of various brands. Following are my 3 latest nail paints purchase. These are the Elle 18 nail pops. After using them I thought of sharing my experience with these with you. So here I go….

 QUANTITY: 5 ml. I prefer to buy small pots of nail paints because my bigger ones always dry out and I feel very sad about that. Also smaller the size, more early they will get over and then you have chance to try on new shades more often.Isnt it great,,,,,hihihi

PRICE: Rs.50

PACKAGING: Elle 18 have always won my heart by the type of designing it does on its products…be it nail paint or lipstick. As the name says the main focus of this company is on the teenage girls and so is the packaging. The nail paints come in small pot like bottle with black cap at the top. The cap has the image of young girl (company’s  girly mark).I think the packaging is very cute and girly. Very sophisticated I would say,,,,

MY EXPERIENCE WITH NAIL POPS: The 3 nail paints I got are purple (no.54), grey (no.58) and the red one (no.69).The grey nail paint is my favorite one. I didn’t have any grey colorIn my nail paint collection  so as soon as I saw it I immediately grabbed it.The color is very nice. It is not matte but has some shimmer in it. It looks very pretty on my feet and hand nails.Everyone has asked what nail color I was wearing, what’s the brand and what’s the shade number. It also looks good on my hands but mostly I use this particular color for my feet. And the next is the purple one. The color is great. Yeahh girls its purple….everybody likes purple and pinks. The last one is the red nail color. This I got because all my red nail enamels have got empty. I was out of stock of red color. The color looked good to me in the pot so I took it. It’s kind of very bright red,an ordinary red color I will say. Coming to the texture of the nail paints…..the texture is very smooth and nice. The enamel is not too thick or too liquidy. The brush swiftly glides over my nails. The colors are rich but I would prefer to do two coats of it on the nail for extra richness and glossy effect over my nails. The enamel stays on perfectly for 4-5 days and if you are using top coat then it stays longer than even this time. When you want to remove it removes very easily with a good remover. The color doesn’t dye out  your nails.

.     The packaging is classy
2.     The richness of the color
3.     The staying period
4.     The texture and glossy effect
5.     The brush glides very swiftly on the nails
6.     It dries on your nails quickly. So no need of waiting for 15-20 minutes before you go to work…
7.     There is so much variety in the colors..

 I don’t think there is any…

WILL I REPURCHASE IT: yes…I have loved the Elle 18 nail paints. I will repurchase the grey and purple color and the newer and different shade of red….
Hope you liked the post. Do tell me,,,,your appreciation really keeps me going


  1. Hey!!!!!!!!!! Glad i found a fellow nail polish/art lover. Can you please tell me the shade number for the purple one? Even I have done a review on elle18 nail pops on my blog. Let me know what you think of it!!! :)

  2. hi... i have already mentioned the shade number in my review.....well,shade number of purple one is 54


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