The weather outside is nice and pleasant today. Thank god….. You know it has been very hot few days back and I become very lazy in extreme temperatures. I don’t feel like working or go out. Well today is not that case and so I am going to do a review on Lakme Clean up –Face mask. This mask looked very alluring to me when I saw its commercial on TV. and therefore I grabbed it as soon as possible. Ya I know what you are thinking. I know I am little late in reviewing this product as now the fairness range is also out. But I didn’t want to rush with the review, I wanted to use it for enough time so that I become capable of reviewing it. Well let’s not waste more time and get started with the review.


Salon like clean up now everyday at home.
Easy to rinse off mask, contains clay known to absorb excess oil and helps in skin tightening leaves your skin soft and glowing.
Use complete range of products i.e. face wash, scrub and mask for best results.

First of all the company says to get all the 3 products for best results but I got only the mask because it seemed more promising and attractive to me.
The product comes in red colored tube with translucent white screw cap on top. There is silver detailing on the tube and overall I think the packaging is quite cute. It’s very sophisticated.
There is very light colored pink product inside the tube and as the company or the product details say smells like strawberries. The fragrance is good. It’s neither too strong nor very light. It’s just perfect I would say. The product easily comes out of the tube, it’s not flowy but is thick like clay (since it’s a clay mask, of course, the texture will be like that of clay…hihihi). The mask has a good spreading power. A little bit of it covers a large surface area. So you need to use it in small amount only. The mask dries in 3 to 4 minutes. After rinsing I found my skin very soft and supple. It really brightened up face. It absorbed the face oil very effectively. Yeah as said it has the glowing effect too. Overall I will say it’s a good face mask. You can try this out if you looking for good oil absorbing face mask. Also I should tell you that people with dry skin may not like it. Since it’s a clay mask it will make your skin drier and you may observe some flakiness.


1.     Very nice fragrance, sometimes I feel like eating it…just kidding
2.     Very light on face
3.     Dries quickly
4.     Small amount covers large surface area
5.     Skin becomes soft and supple
6.     Provides glow to the face
.           Loved the packaging


It may not work well for those who have a very dry skin.


Hope you like the review and found it useful. Do follow me to get latest updates about the blog activities. You can also leave comments below. See you soon.


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