An important step in face cleaning regime is exfoliation. Exfoliating the skin removes the dead cells and therefore brings glow and refreshness on the face. So it’s very important to choose a right scrub for exfoliating your skin. Recently I got lotus herbals whiteglow oatmeal and yoghurt skin whitening scrub for myself and this is the product I am going to review today.

 WHAT THE PRODUCT SAYS:Lotus white glow oatmeal and yoghurt skin whitening scrub  exfoliates the skin gently, removes dirt, impurities,blackheads and whiteheads leaving your skin brighter and healthier with shining glow.
The gentle exfoliating action works on skin discoloration, dull and uneven skin tones and softens the skin giving you a firmer skin texture.
Oatmeal exfoliates gently, restores the natural moisture balance of the skin and youghurt moisturizes and lightens the skin reducing the imperfections giving you silky, smooth and brighter skin.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: oatmeal and milk yoghurt.

PRICE: Rs. 185


First of all the company has given a quite detailed description of the scrub which I like. By this way one becomes sure of what one is buying for the skin. I really like this.
Lotus herbal whiteglow oatmeal and yoghurt skin whitening comes in a white colored tube with silver cap on top. This product is from their white glow range.

The product has a sophisticated packaging I would say. The product inside the tube is also white in color with very small or you can say micro pieces of oatmeal in it. It’s a combination of oats and cream.
Product is neither too thick nor too liquidy. It’s of intermediate nature. The scrub is very gentle on the skin. I really liked the fact that oats perform the exfoliation process which is different from the conventional scrubs which have apricot pieces or micro granules in them to scrub of the dead skin cells. I have used apricot scrubs in past and I think that they can be little harsh for the skin, so I have never been a fan such scrubs. But this oatmeal and youghurt scrub has really impressed me by its gentleness on the face skin. I felt my skin clearer and brighter after using it. It also helps in getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads to an extent. I found my skin become very soft and I think this is due to milky yoghurt content in the scrub. This scrub has a nice fragrance too. This product did not give me any kind of rashes. My skin feels hydrated and calm after using it. Overall it’s a great product.

1.      It has oatmeal in it
2.      Skin becomes soft and supple
3.      Skin appears clearer and brighter
4.      Good fragrance
5.      Sophisticated packaging
6.      Affordable price
7.      Easy to carry

Well I can’t  think of any right now. It’s just works great. You should definitely give it a try.

RATINGS: 4.5/5

Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do tell me your views in the comments below. See you in the next post. Have a nice day.


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