KARA Avocado and Jojoba Facial Wipes

Hello everyone....How are you all. Hope you are all fine and doing well. Today I am going to review on Kara avocado and jojoba facial wipes here.
Facial wipes are one of the essentials in my makeup and beauty collection. I often do lot of experiment with these. I try out different wipes whenever I am out of stock with these. Well this time I got Kara avocado and jojoba facial wipes. Well here is the review dolls....

QUANTITY: 25 wipes

PRICE: Rs. 150

Firstly I got pack of 25 wipes for rs.150.
These facial wipes come in a yellow colored packet which has a stick on opening at the top from which wipes can be easily taken out for use. The packaging is good.

The fragrance is very different...I haven’t smelled such a fragrance before. Since it has avocado in it i can somewhat relate it to the fragrance of freeman's avocado clay mask I have. So it's different but good fragrance.
The wipes feel very soft on the skin. These pick up the dirt from the face very effectively making my skin clean and clear. The packet is very easy to carry and still you like to carry even smaller pack than this one you can pack of 10 wipes in the same variant.

1. Removes dirt effectively
2. My face became cleaner
3. Good fragrance
4. Face becomes soft...I think this is due to the moisturization it provides

Doesn’t refreshens my skin. I think these are much of winter season wipes.

WILL I REPURCHASE- These wipes are just great, but I think they will be my first choice if it would have been winters. But since its summer time I am keen on trying those which have more refreshing and cooling effect on my skin in addition to above listed facts.


LAST WORD- These are great but not all-season wipes.
Hope you liked the review.
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