Hi Ladies!!!!
How are you all? The weather is changing and I am super excited its fall time. i think fall and spring are best seasons in sense of fashion and styling. I always feel more rejuvenated during these times of the years. Well, I think I become very lazy during extreme summers and winters.....hibernation hihi....ok then let’s talk about the product I am going to review today. Its Victoria’s secret body mist in aqua kiss variant. The reason I got this was its name which attracted me the first. On reading aqua I dreamt of oceans and kiss reminds me of love.

Product Description: Rain kissed freesia and daisy.
Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe Vera and calming chamomile. Spray on for a touch of scent.

The packaging of the product is great. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle which is quite sturdy. The plastic body is great. Especially for me as things keep on falling from my hands. I am not very good with handling. Recently I broke one of my perfumes..:-(

The liquid inside is light blue in color. i couldn’t completely understand the color sister said that it is transparent and it the reflection of the back sticker that is making it look blue. Well I think it’s blue.
The potion inside smells heavenly. i am i complete love with fragrance. You feel like you are on an island full of fragrance. The fragrance is just great. i hope i could make you smell it but the blogger doesn’t has this facility yet...hihihi

The fragrance lasts for 4 to 5 hours and then it becomes light but it linger on 24 hours. You can smell it. The best part is that if the weather is hot and you are sweating then the fragrance becomes even stronger and smells really great. i have used it several times while going for walk and this is why i know it. i really recommend this fragrance to all of you.

Price: $12 but got for $6. Isn’t that great?

Quantity: 250 ml

1.       awesome fragrance
2.       its Victoria’s secret
3.       nice packaging
4.       great quantity
5.       easy to carry
6.       staying power
7.       floral and oceanic fragrance


Will I recommend it you: definitely a yes....
Hope you liked the review and find it useful. do tell me if you wish to read more reviews of products from this brand.....have a nice day...keep commenting.....that’s what keeps me going on and on