Hello my beautiful ladies!!!
How did your navratras go? Did you do something interesting these days? By interesting you know what I mean girls. Ya you are thinking it right....shopping. Festivals means buying new thing or getting them as gifts. Gifts are the best part actually. So this navratra I did some jewelry and accessory shopping from juvalia and you and of course mom got me everything here (hihi....that’s the best part). Well today I am going to show you what all i got plus my shopping experience with this company. So without wasting much time I should get started with the haul plus the little bit of review....

Things I got:
1. Red flower bouquet hairband (multicolored)
The headband has a gold base with a bunch of multicolored flowers at one corner. The gold color gives it a very royal and sophisticated look. The flowers have few rhinestones which gives the band quite a sparkly effect. Whenever I want a cute and girly look I just go with it.
P.S. In my profile picture i am wearing this same hair band. check it out there.

2. Floristry gold hair band (cream and gold)
Ya this is the second hairband I got from juvalia and you. It again has gold base and a very beautiful detailing on it. It’s perfect for getting a royal look.

3. Pearl hair bow comb
Ok the third thing I got is again a hair accessory. It is called a pearly comb. I have always wanted to get a hair comb like this the moment I saw the movie titanic. Rose aka Kate winselet and her beautiful royal hair accessories. It’s just OMG..... So this the reason I got this comb. Well it’s a golden based pearly bow shaped comb, and you know girls these days I am completely obsessed with bows.

4.  Mohenjo-Daro necklace
The next thing I got is a necklace. It’s named Mohenjo-Daro necklace. i think this is because of its antique look. Its red peachish in color with a circular hanging think which has great detailing on it. I am in complete love with this necklace.

5. Dream Stone earrings
The last thing I got from juvalia is these blue earrings which are named by the company as Dream stone earrings. Honestly I got these because of their color. Here also my inspiration for such a particular color is titanic. Do you remember the heart of the oceans necklace and its scintillating deep blue color? Ya you are right and that's why i got these earrings. They look so awesome and look so classy.

DISCLAIMER: All the products shown here in the post are purchased by my own money. The post is meant only for only review purpose for my readers and not for any promotion. Everything written here are my personal and honest veiws. This is not a sponsored post.

Hope you find the post useful and liked my purchases from the company. If you would like to me to do more such kind of posts, do let me know in the comments below. Looking forward for feedback from you all.