GIFTING IN STYLE-Gift Wrapping Ideas and Much More....

Gifting In Style - Gift wrapping ideas
Hello ladies...
How are you all. Since its festival times and all of us are exchaging gifts this time, today i am going a post that will show you some interesting and fun ideas as to how wrap gifts and decorate them. That's why i have named this post gifting in style. So without wasting further time lets start with the post.

Ok here i go.....
Ribbon Decorations

This is the workpiece i am gonna work on.

This is how you can decorate the gifts using ribbons, bows and pearls. Here i am using silver and pink ribbons and white pearls.The bows can be easily made at home.

Use Embellishments
You can also use embellishments like pearls, beads, different shaped buttons as embellishments for decorating the gifting item.

Decorative Bags For Your Gifts
If you dont wanna indulge in wrapping the gifts, you can easily buy these decorative bags at your local store and can simply put the gifts in it. i will name this technique as Style with Ease.

You can also decorate these bags. Here i have made ribbon flowers and decorated the bag with those. See how beautiful its looking.

I hope you liked these ideas. These very simple and fun ideas and everyone of you can try these out. if you girls have more innovative and new ideas do tell me in the comments below.You can also show me pictures of your gift decorations.Eagerly looking forward to check them out too.