PHILIPS Kerashine Hair Dryer

Hello everyone
Howz everybody doing? I have been searching for a good dryer few days back on online sites, markets and this is what I end up buying. Since winter is on its way to my place so it must for me to have good hair dryer.
So here I go with the review....

What the box says about the product-
Care for your hair, ceramic coating with keratin infusion, shine and condition, Ionic Care, Better heat protection of the hair with EHD technology.

This Kerashine hair dryer comes in this big box. The box is quite sturdy. Since I ordered it online from flipkart so I think this sturdy packaging kept it safe beside air wraps and all that stuff. The dryer I got is black in color. Its shiny black. The plastic body is quite strong, the plastic used is of very good quality. I think this is what Philips is known about- the quality.

Now coming to the dryer’s features. It has three modes of working that are cool air, warm air and the hot one. The switch for flipping between the three modes is also nice, not very hard or loose. The dryer has foldable handle which gets completely open in two steps. The grip of the handle is also good and satisfactory. It also has nozzle or concentrator to get heat in a particular direction for styling.

My experience-
I have a very heavy hair plus which have a dry texture and the first I got it because of the dryness as it ensures conditioning and shine. The dryer does a great job to me hair. After drying my hair with the dryer I found it very soft and silky. It didn’t become my hair dry and kept the shine of hair intact. My hair doesn't become like a broomstick but instead it was much better than before. My hair do felt more lively and shiny.

 This hair dryer is a strong one and helps in drying my hair effectively. For my completely wet hair it takes 10 to 12 minutes for complete drying (you know I have very heavy hair) and 5 minutes for damped hair. For thin hair like my sisters time taken is although less. This dryer definitely provides a better heat protection. We all know that blow drying means damaging hair but I think by the use this dryer the damage has been reduced.
I also found these voucher inside it but couldn't use it because it was expired. The last date was 13 September 2013 and I got my product after this.:( This wasn't expected.....sob sob sob......this is not done you hair dryer.

1. Great packaging
2. Shiny black color
3. Good quality and plastic body
4. Nice grip handle
5. Dries hair efficiently
6. Takes less time
7. Non tangible wire and good plug
8. Make hair soft and shiny

Well besides that voucher part everything else is just perfect.

Ratings- 4.5/5

Will I recommend it to you- From my side it’s definitely a yes girls. Go and check this KeraShine hair dryer out.
Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do tell me in the comments below. Looking forward for your feedback.