BUTTERFLIES IN THE YARD-Utility Box-Do It Yourself (DIY)

Hello Everyone!!!!!
How are you all doing? Christmas is on it way and so is my mind getting more innovative. I was thinking of doing something creative, of decorating my room, my dresser and stuff like that. So this is what I end up making. Ya a very decorative utility box and today I am gonna share how to make this beautiful box very easily here in my post. So let's get started with DIY.....

A cardboard box (of any size as per your requirement), patterned papers,pearl embellishments,paper flowers,hot glue gun and that's all you will need.

1.Measure the length and breadth of the box you are going to work on. Take your patterned sheets. I am using two different patterned papers in my project. You can get the same HERE  and cut the pieces accordingly.

2. Turn on your hot glue gun and start pasting or fixing the pieces on the box which has to be covered as shown in the pictures here.

3. I have used black patterned paper for the base while a lighter color for the top of the box.

4. Now once you are done with the covering process now lets start with the decoration process.
5. Using some pearl embellishments stick ons decorate the edges of the box.

6. . I have used here some paper flowers for decorating the top and some butterflies for the side of the box.(Get the same here ITSYBITSY.COM )

And tadaaaa we are done with the box.
Well you can use this box for storing your jewelry and cosmetics or you can also use it for gifting for this coming Christmas. Its use is completely flexible. Use it according to your need.

NOTE: All the things I have used here in my DIY are from ITSYBITSY.COM and girls I want you know that every time I saw DIYs on other sites, I always got disappointed by the fact that all the beautiful things they were using were non available here in my country, and I always thought that how I am gonna recreate that. I don't have the raw material for the same. Well itsybitsy.com  have solved my problem as the site offers you a wide variety of material.Whether its flowers, ribbons, patterned paper, pearls, beads, glitters, fabrics, buttons and the list goes on and on. So guys don't wait and go and check out their site and give a way to your creativeness.

 Hope you liked this do it yourself post and found it interesting. Do share pictures if you try the same or any other creation of your own that you have created this season. Talk to you in my next post girls.....