Hello girls!!!
How are you all doing? How did your Christmas go...... I am sure that all of you must have had lot of fun and great time.
I have been to trip to north east India for last fifteen days I think. Those who follow me on twitter must have already known that. Well, being a fashion blogger and most importantly a girl how can I not go for shopping there. Here is my first post after coming back and in this I am gonna show you all the accessories I got. I am super excited to show you what all I got and without wasting any time now let’s get started....
1.Gold Owl Necklace

Here is the owl necklace in gold that i have always wanted.
2. Pretty Little Butterflies with a silver bead necklace

3. Pearly Necklace set

1. Rhinestone Owl ring in silver

It’s an owl again. I am obsessed with owls these days know....hehehe

1. Multicolored three piece bangles

2. Blue and silver bangles

3. Rainbow bangles

4. Floral bangle set

5. Navy blue bangles

1. Golden Bow and Rhinestone aqua colored belt

2. Blue Vintage belt

What do you think girls?  Do you like my shopping? Do let me know in the comments below and do tell me
if you too went to shopping recently and share what all you got. Waiting to read your lovely comments.