Hello girls!!!
How is everybody? You already know how freaking crazy I am about nail paints. I am popular among my friends for my nails, nail colors and nail arts…..hahahaha…..praising myself on my own. But if one is fond of nail colors one must make sure to have a nice nail paint remover. You should keep your nails safe and healthy if you are coloring them and decorating them. So today I am reviewing Meylon nail polish remover pads.

My Take on the Product:
I got these nail paint removing pads as a gift from my aunt and before that I haven’t heard about this product.
Well the blueberries flavored (as the product says) nail polish remover comes in a circle shaped blue colored small box. Each pad is basically a very thin sheet of cotton like material. These circular sheets are extremely thin. These are moist with nail color removing agent in them. I felt like some kind of oil is also present in it.
One sheet is enough for removing nail paint from both your hands and feet. That’s great na…These doesn’t dries your nails instead keep them nourished (remember about the some kind of oiliness that I felt….maybe this is the reason). The nail color comes out easily without much of struggle.

The fragrance of this variant is ok…..You can smell it initially, later it reduces. You can also go with other variants if you are wishing on buying these like orange, watermelon, lemon etc. The choice of the variant is entirely yours. I made mine with blueberry …. I don’t know….the blue color appealed me more than others….hahahaha…… So that’s not a problem because here I am more concerned with quality and effectiveness of the product and not with the fragrance.

These pads can be carried easily everywhere in your bag. You can easily get rid of your nail color and apply a new one. It’s a great time saver….you don’t need separate cotton and nail paint remover liquid from removing your nail color. It’s very handy product. It’s a nice product in all.

Removes the nail color effectively
Doesn’t dries out the nails
Keep them moisturized
One is enough for all of your nails
Easy to use, no mess
Easy to carry anywhere
Small and cute
Does a great job

Fragrance is ok…….not very great

Ratings: 4/5
Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do you know anything more about this brand? Do tell me in the comments below. Looking forward to read your lovely comments.