Hey gals!!!!
So finally the V DAY is here,,and brings with it,its own excitement,plans,and anxieties.The celebrated day of love,,is a huge thing for the people in love and also for those who are planning to start their own love stories. Realizing the importance of the day,,there comes a lot of planning and associated anxiety,,,especially for us gals because there is so much to be planned,,your outfit,, shoes,,your hair,,your makeup,,your nails,,bag,,your fragrance,,and when we manage to come out of our own world..the most important is your expression of love for the ones u love,,your husband,your boyfriend,your friends,,your parents or even your siblings..and every  body wants to do the most amazing thing for their loved ones,well of course for the obvious reasons,,bcoz we want to show them that nobody loves them like we do in this world,,and we sincerely care and feel blessed to have them in our lives,,,awwww,,,this feeling of love is amazing,,pure as a child's heart!

So to do that we buys gifts for them,,which are supposed to make them happy.As people differ in their attitudes,,their expression of love also varies,,and their are lot of things in market,which are ready to buy,pack and to give.But its nothing that is new,rare,special and customized to your needs,your relationship,and what can better express your love than a hand made customized expression of love,,which in itself is all the more special because the other person really appreciates the effort that you put in making that thing happen for them,which is one of the greatest emotion in a relationship which strengthens the bond of love and makes it keep going.

So today we are going to do DIY HAND MADE GIFT FOR V-DAY

Lets get started need to cut out square pieces of ivory sheets,,size may depend on your own choices,,make 3-4 such squares,,draw the shape of heart on each of them,,cut them in that shaped,,and write your personalized messages on it,,depending on your own choices,,they can be simple love quotes or anything special that you want to convey to the other person.

2.Now start decorating them,,,with embellishments of your own choices,,the ones used by me are from ,,do check them out,,they have great collection of cutest embellishments possible.

3.Now take a 2 metre long ribbon,,which matches with the colors of the hearts you just decorated,fold it in half,so it makes a loop..leaving some space at top,,which will form the part for hanoging,,equally divide the space on ribbon into three parts and stick ur hearts on the ribbon at equal diatnces with a hot glue gun.

4.Embellish it even more,,the more the better,i used these butterflies to make it more sparkly and glittery.

5.The next step is to use some paper flowers to beautify the hanging,,,and to lessen the space between hearts..and to hide some part of we are almost done with the project

6.The final step is to stick the photos of you and people you love on the remaining spaces which are left empty on the ribbon,i used mine and my sisters picture to fill in the space and gifted it to her.
She was super happy.I hope your loved ones will also feel the same.

So go creative with your imagination and create your own love hanging,,and keep loving.
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See you soon