Hello everyone!!!!
How are you all? First of all I apologize for a little late post. Actually there was some problem with my internet and so I couldn’t post. Well I have got that thing fixed and now ….what’s up with the Valentine’s Day celebration. Have you all planned the day for yourselves and your loved ones? Well if not then start doing that. Today I am going to do a V-day inspired phone case do it yourself (DIY) post. I hope this will put an extra touch to your special day. Well without talking much let’s get started with the DIY
What you will be needing: your phone (that’s very much obvious I think....hahah), ok then you'll be needing some heart stickers or some V-day themed stickers, crystal stones in color pink and some embellishments. I got mine from my favorite online craft store Itsybitsy.com

You can get the same here:
Mini felt heart stickers/embellishments Here
Cute Hearts Here
Pink crystal stones Here
3D Handmade layered love Stickers Here

First of all make sure that the back of your phone is clean....free of dust and dirt if any. This help our decorations to stay strongly fixed and for a long time.

Ok then take your hearty stickers and start decorating the back of your phone. You can see step by step in the pictures how I am going with my decorations.

After putting the main things fill in the empty space with little hearts there. It’s not necessary that you go by the line while decorating your phone. You can also add your own creativity and innovation to it. Just go with flow.

And tada we are done.
Did you like my creation? Do tell me in the comments below. If you redo this DIY do share the pics of the same with. Looking forward to read your lovely comments girls. So keep commenting. Don't you think it’s like keep tweeting.... hahah...
Oh and Bye