Hello ladies!!!!
How are you all? Its already February and just 11 days are left for the Valentine’s Day. A lot of things has to be done that may be what to wear, makeup, how to style the hair and stuff like that. So today in my post I will be doing a nail art tutorial for this coming V-day that may be helpful to you guys. So let’s get started.

THINGS YOU WILL NEED: A mint colored nail paint, a pink and black colored nail paint, some toothpicks and a top coat.

* First of all paint your nails with the mint colored nail enamel. I prefer to do a double coat because the color comes more effectively that way. Let the enamel dry completely.

* Now using the toothpick make little hearts with pink nail paint. I have drawn two hearts on each nail except for the thumb nail. Don’t worry just go with the  flow. Let these hearts dry out completely.

* For the thumb nail draw a bigger heart at one edge and at the bottom, write the word ‘DAY’ as shown the picture here.

* Wait until everything gets dried out.
* Now the next step is to outlining. Taking a black nail art pen or a black nail and the toothpick start outlining the each heart you have made. If anything has gone wrong earlier you can correct it doing the outlining write.

Outlining really brightens up the entire art and makes it look really neat and clean.

At the end secure your nail art using a top coat.

Wasn't it easy and fun? Hope you liked it and found it useful. Do tell me in the comments below. More on Valentine’s Day preparation is on its way to my blog……….so stay connected.