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I hope everybody is enjoying the change in weather,,,because spring is that kind of weather which brings you joy,peace and happiness.its just so beautiful.but one thing beautiful i have always longed for,is long beautiful hair.Hair are such an important part of overall personality of a person,,we might not notice at times,but they alone can instantaneously transform your whole look.I have wavy hair,that tend to get dry and frizzy in summers and i have always gorged on luscious long locks of other people.I personally adore long straight hair.I cant change my hair texture,so i thought of trying some hair extensions to get long straight hair,and in fact i wanted some ombre hair extensions,because i have never colored my hair,,and i wanted to see how they suited me.

So today we are going to talk about some hair extensions that i got from,,,and i was awed by the variety they have.its just beyond words,,you name it and they have it.its the best site that i have ever came across,,which offers you so much options to choose from.


I ordered 27 inches long,ombre clip in hair extensions in color T1/27#( the link is-,,,which you can see below.
They are so easy to use and apply and even easy to take off.its no professional work,,you can do it easily by yourself.I really like its texture,how silky they are,they are long enough which makes me super happy.
I had no issues with the color of my extensions,,they blended in quite well,,i have dark brown hair naturally and this color blended in quite well.

I have put these on on my mom in the pics to show you guys.There are a total of 7 pieces,a 4 clip piece for widest circumference of head,two 3 clip pieces and 4 2clip pieces.These much can cover whole of head easily and give you enough volume and length.

1.Nice Packaging.its so wonderfully done and you can easily store your extensions in that packaging time and again.
2.They have great delivery service.They ship your products by fedex and mine reached me in 4 was super quick.
3.The texture is very fine.its not some cheap stuff.
4.It doesnt have cheap wig smell.
5.Hair extensions are super soft and super silky,,trust me,,no kidding.
6.I like the ombre ones,,they add beautiful dimension to my hair.i look biker chic... :p
7.Its definitely value for money.
8.Extensions stay in place quite well,dont slide,,dont fall off....until you get into a!!!
9.Easy to take off.


I hope this review was useful.
you can get it- HERE

See you guys soon


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