Hello girlies
How are you all doing? Hope you all are having wonderful days of this spring season. Well on my side, I am in my prefinal year and my semester is coming to end and there is lot of work to be done. You  know all that engineering stuff. Assignments, practicals, tests and all that. All these things have been keeping me busy these days…...BUT I have always managed to take some time out for the love of blogging….So here I am….yeah….right before you.
 Today I am going to introduce you guys to the Oriflame’s latest edition nail paints here that are from their ‘VERY ME’ range.

 The nail colors are available in 9 shades that are listed below:
*Aqua Green
*Sweet Candy
*Pink pearl
*Twilight dust
*Green Envy
*Steel frost
*Golden rush
*Blue Passion

These nail colors come in a medium sized glass bottles with black screw cap.
These nail color are metallic. Although I am not a big fan of metallic shades of the nail polishes,,,,,I like using the matte ones but these lovelies here have inclined my taste to metallic too.
The consistency of the paints is just apt…its neither thick nor to flowy. These are very easy to apply without any mess. I think the credit goes to right dimensions and shape of the brush applicator.
You know everytime I use the nail colors…..most of the time I end up painting a little bit of my finger skin along with the nails. But as far these polishes are concerned I didn’t faced this problem…..and that felt super great….. I didn’t have to wipe the paint off my skin later with the remover.

The nail color dries very very fast…..i mean really fast guys….its like you paint your five fingers and just count to 10 and there you go….the nail paint has dried completely….isnt that superb…..
Let me tell you something here. Whenever I have to go out….i always forget to apply the nail apint before….and when its just the time to go I see my nails and say “oh these are not painted” and then hastly I apply the nail polish, do my hair and carry my bag….and in between all this my nail paint gets messed up…..(when there is no speedy drying)…….. so that why I really the quick drying time of these.

The nail paint doesn’t has any bad or pungent smell that most of the nail colors do have….like that of any acetone or something. The nail polish stays for 3-4 days without the top coat and then you may need to reapply it and with top coat stays for a week…….

PRICE: 120  rupees

My favourite of these six colors is the steel frost and the pearl pink. and my least favorite is the green one. I don’t why…..but I didn’t like it…….Rest are good as well.

WOULD I RECOMMEND IT TO A FRIEND? Yes….ofcourse….as these are great polishes…..however color preferences can vary from person to person.

Here are the swatches of these nail paints:

                                                                 1.PINK PEARL

                                                                   2.SWEET CANDY

                                                               3.GOLDEN RUSH

                                                              4.BLUE PASSION

                                                                   5.AQUA GREEN

                                                                     6.STEEL FROST


*Great consistency
*Easy to apply…..nice applicator
*Travel friendly…..Carry anywhere you like to
*Value for money……not at all costly
*dries very quickly
*Nice staying power

Well for me I don’t like all the colors though. That technically isn’t a miss….this choice varies as I have already mentioned.
If you don’t like metallic colors….no problem….you can still try these paints here because they may change your mind and yes be careful and particular with the shade you are picking up. Select it according to your skin colour…because that really matters.

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy youselves these new fun colors….beacause metallica are in this season.

Hope you liked this review and find it useful Do tell me what do you think in the comments below. Lokking forward to hear from you….