Hello girls
How are you all? Here I am with another review for you guys. Today I will be reviewing a fragrance. its called Simply Breathless by Victoria's Secret. Yeah guys its VS.
So this thing here I got as gift from my aunt.....I think month ago......that you can probably see from the empty bottle of this EDT. Well that was a little about how I got my hands over this baby here.....So without wasting any more time lets get started with the review...

Seductive and alluring. The perfect finishing touch. Spray on for the scent that lingers.

let talk about the packaging first of all. This EDT here comes in a lemon shade cover with everthying written in gold on it. The bottle inside is a made up of glass. It has a gold cap that fits very well gives efficient tightness and locking effect to the bottle. I really liked the packaging especially because of the use of gold in it. It gives it a touch of sophistication and class.

 It is a 30 ML bottle which comes for about $12 (I checked that online....hihihihihi.....)

Ok the liquid inside also lemon colored. The bottle says it has freesia and mandarin in it. I found the fragrance just too great. I fell in love with this product the moment I got. I think thats because of the fragrance, the packaging and its VS. This fragrance is just perfect for this summer time.

 It makes you feel fresh and active. It is a citrusy floral kind of fragrance that feels very lemon. You just wish to smell it again and again.
the fragrance lasts for 4-5 hours. I think if you will use it with their body washes and body butter in the same variant then it may last long.

 This 30 ml bottle is just fine to carry anywhere you like,,,,,fits easily in your bag,,,,is very light wight too. I have been using it continuously since then. Its value for your money. It definitely needs a try.

Overall there is a potion inside this magical bottle that smells heavenly which I completely

1. Great Fragrance
2. Fresh and active
3. Has Citrus and floral notes
4. Sophisticated packaging
5. Very handy....can be carried anywhere
6. Value for your money
7. can be got at a decent prices when there is sale on the VS stores

Well I cannot of one right now.

WILL I RECOMMEND IT TO A FRIEND?  Yes....Yes....If you like floral and citrusy fragrances then what are you guys waiting for?

RATINGS: 4.5/5 (-0.5 not easily available in India...however some online do offer you some of the VS products)

Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do let me know in the comments below. See you in my next post .....