VLCC Diamond Detoxifying Wash-Off Mask

Hello Sweeties!!!!
Today I am going to review VLCC Diamond Detoxifying Wash off mask. I love buying lot of face masks. whenever i go shopping, most of the times i end up buying atleast one mask.This is because I am kind of person who likes using face masks a  lot and on regular basis. I feel they are food to my skin so I am very particular in using them on my face.

So this time when I went to the store I got this VLCC mask. The reason I got this particular one was because of the packaging and the first look of the mask. Its said diamond and was sparkling in all those lights of the shop....so I got this. There is also scrub in the same variant looking as alluring as this one but I didn't buy that because I wasn't sure whether it will suit my skin type or not. so i got only the mask.
So that was all the history behind of me buying this mask.....and let's get started with the review.

WHAT THE PRODUCT SAYS: A unique wash-off mask that is enriched with the goodness of Diamond Bhasma, known for its detoxifying properties. This is an efficacious formulation that deep cleanses the skin revealing youthful glow. Its purifying action clarifies the skin leaving it youthful and glowing.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Vitamin E, Orange Peel Extract, Glycerin, Silicon Blend, Pollulan, Diamond oxide (Diamond Bhasma)
and yes that's all it had.....I found the list very small than the other masks (just saying)

The face mask comes in a transparent flip cap tube. You can see the entire product from outside. The product is white in color and has lot of sparkle in it......which makes it look like that it has that Diamond oxide in it. The look of the tube goes with the name.......Diamond

The product inside is basically a white translucent kind of gel with sparkle in it. I liked the fragrance of the mask. Its neither too strong nor light....kind of intermediate. The consistency is also good neither too flowy nor very thick.

so you take out the product and spread it evenly....covering your face and neck avoiding the eye area. You have to keep it for 15-20 minutes and then you can see that it has dried and then wipe it off by rinsing thoroughly.

By skin was smooth and supple after using it. It was actually glowing ( shine right like a diamond...a song by Rihanna) . My pores were cleaned and tightened. It was looking beautiful and very healthy I would say.
My face was soft like that of a baby,,,,,,,My skin is of dry type and it was just amazing on it.

So if you Guys are looking for a good mask then definitely (without any second thoughts) get this one. It does wonders to my skin and hope will do the same to you too. It is absolutely worth your money. I am even planning on get its scrub too.

1. Great packaging
2. Sparkly Product which i completely love
3. My skin was smoother, soften and supple
4. Glowing and radiant skin
5. Healthy and beautiful skin
6. Value for your money



Hope you liked the review and found it useful. Do let me know in the comments below. Looking forward to read your lovely comments and yes do let me know which face mask is your favorite one......
See you guys in my next post