Hello ladies!!!!!
How are you all doing. Well today I am going to share a special news with you all here. Yes Its about I have already mentioned about this site here on my blog and you might have known how impressed I am with this online shopping store which offers you a great variety of customized jewelry designs. you get almost everything here on this online shopping store. You think and they make you what you need,,,,,entirely based upon your choice.

                                                Glamorous Millgrain Eternity Ring

Here are some latest updates about this online shopping store. They have introduced some really beautiful jewelry pieces to their collection.

1) New Jewelry Designs: All customizable by metal type, carat size, diamond quality and length.They have added many beautiful new designs to their collection of bangle bracelets and invite you to check them out and share with your friends.

                                            Two Prong Flexible Diamond Bangle

2) Anjolee Blog: Their jewelry blog has a fresh design and contains posts on a variety of jewelry related topics. So if you have any questions related to any thing you can check that here on this blog.
                                              Princess Cut Flexible Diamond Bangle Bracelet

3) YouTube: Check out their youtube channel. They have changed the look and feel their YouTube page, offering many high quality videos with 360 views of our jewelry!

                                                  Curved Diamond Journey BangleCurved Diamond Journey Bangle Bracelet 

4) Pinterest: Their  Pinterest account has gained a lot of coverage lately as all new designs are pinned there. So check that out guys. Here is the link for the same.

                                              Legacy Diamond Engagement Ring

5) Facebook: and here is the link of anjolee facebook page and go and like that for the latest updates.

I hope you find this post useful. Do let me know what do you think about their latest designs in the comments below. Do tell me which one is your fav.....

See you all in my next post....