Hi my beautiful readers!!!!
How are you all doing.....It has been such a long period since I have last posted on my blog. By now you would have known what keeps me away from my love for blogging....Yes you are guessing it right, My exams and my university stuff. Last one and a half month was very busy and stressful for me. A lot of things were going on, My exams, engineering projects, assignments and seminars, a lot of things guys.....Really

I know my absence from the blog was worrying some  people. Launna has even messaged me showing her concern on my absence and asking were I was (Thanks Launna for your concern...it really means alot to me. Gestures like these show how much your readers love you and care about you....so thank you very much)
 I am really sorry for that And I want to tell you guys that I missed all of you a lot. I missed posting, reading your lovely comments, reading blogs of other bloggers. No one better than me know how much I hated it to not be able to write and post on the blog.

Well all that is now a history. I am back and you are gonna get a regular dose of fashion and beauty from me. So stay tuned guys....We are gonna have lot of fun .....RIGHT.....:)