Hello everyone
How are you all? Well this part of the year is full of festivities and celebrations, especially in India, A country full of colors and festivals. Also I call this part of the year as the wedding season, because most of the weddings as per experience happens during this period (especially here in India).
Everyone wants er big day to be special and unique. There should be something different and new that any one has ever done during their wedding days. Everyone of us dream about that day and want it to be just perfect. There must be many brides to be who are at this time reading this post, so today I am going to give you few ideas that how can you plan everything out. Basically, I am going to share with you some themes for your or any one of your friends, family members for their dream wedding.

So here it is....


First and foremost thin is the invitation cards. If you are going by this theme you should make sure that it is also reflected in the cards that are going to be delivered to your friends and relatives. This way they get an idea whats wedding is gonna be like and about its theme, not everything but yes they get a hint and they also prepare to attend the same accordingly.
Then as far as decorations are concerned you can never go wrong with this theme. You can get the venue decorated with orchids, carnations, roses and daisies as per your liking.

For the dress you can do something like this (in the picture below) and you can also wear  flowers in your hair.

Be very particular about the cake that are you ordering. It should definitely go with theme of your wedding. There a great floral cakes available so do a research before ordering one.


This style of wedding is very popular in India. After some of the celebrities, that have chosen this style of marriage, it has became very popular. This theme has been inspired by the Mughal kings and queens of India.

Beginning from cards, to venue decorations, brides dress, jewelry everything just look royalty. The bride and groom feel like prince and princess and if you chose to be one on your big day then this one is just right for you.

Taking vows at side of sea has always attracted the brides to be. So if this what you thought of then this theme just suits you.

Besides being very careful with your dress, cards , cake and food, chose right type of decorations that best describes your personality. your guests should be comfortable so pay an extra attention on the seating arrangements on the beach. Also keep a back up plan if it rains or weather is not o good at that time.Selecting a nice phtorapher is very essential. So be very careful and do a lot of research because these moments needs to captured perfectly. So hire one before hand. 

In occasions like marriage its best to prepare everything in advance rather than panicking at the end.
Do necessary arrangements so you don't have to worry later.
I hope you liked the post and found it useful. Do let me know in the comments below. Married beauties do tell me what was your wedding day was like and what theme did you chose for that day. Looking forward to read your lovely comments.