ORIFLAME'S THE ONE - Volume Blast Mascara Review

Hello girls!!!
Here I am here with another review for you guys. Today I am going to review Oriflame's The one Volume blast mascara. What I think is using a mascara is a must while doing your eyes especially for those who have light eyelashes. It makes your eyes look more expressive and attractive. I however am gifted by god's grace with dense eye lashes. Even though I use mascara as it gives a definition to your eyes. So Today I am will be reviewing this particular mascara with you guys here. So lets get started with the review.

The Volume Blast Masacra
Oriflame's The One collection comes in a maroon colored packaging. It different from rest of the products from the collection as most of them are purple in color. So let us see whether it’s odd one out or the unique one here in the review.

The best thing that I found about the mascara is the brush it has. It’s a plastic brush. It has light fiber or the strands you can say for curling the lashes. The brush separates each of the lash and curl it well. The lashes doesn't just cling together. 

Lashes are well separated and curled. I felt my lashes more dense after it application. I really hate those mascaras which just add a heavy product on lashes and they just stick together. And this one is completely opposite. It is actually volume blast mascara, adds volume and density to the eyelashes.

 The day I have used it I haven't stopped it using it then. I have put my all mascaras aside and use all the time. The product feels light on the eyelashes. The only thing I didn't like about it is that the mascara isn't waterproof and also it doesn't says so too. 

So if you swear by a waterproof  mascara then this may be not your choice however considering all other aspects of brush, volume and density it definitely deserves a try. So go girls and get “The one” for yourselves. 

1.  I liked the maroon color
2. Great brush
3. Easy to use
4. Is a volume blast mascara
5. The lashes doesn't stick
6. The eyelashes look  dense

Here is the picture of the brush that I am talking about....

The mascara isn't water proof 

RATINGS: 4.8/5

Hope you liked the review and found it useful. Do let me know in the comments below. Which masacara is your currently favorite, do share that with me guys. 
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