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So finally it is winter time in north india,but still weather has been acting crazy,it gets pretty hot here sometimes,but I have chose to ignore that and start redecorating my room for winters,,which for me means,getting new plushy cushions,warmer bedding,new duvet  covers,changing my room d├ęcor to warmer color tones,reorganizing my closet and replacing cooler cotton clothes with my warmer winter clothes and boots,buying aromatic candles and area rugs to make my room warm and cozy.

High Quality Angel Style European Creative Bathroom Accessories

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 So far I am done with reorganizing my closet,I have stocked up my winter candles and lotions and I am looking forward to  buy a really nice bedding and duvet covers as well as getting plushy matching cushions.I usually tend to go online and buy things when I am redecorating,because its easy and less tiring,also seeing such a variety gets me inspired and I usually get new ideas when I come across fascinating things,so my plan to redecorate is always changing,I am open to newer ideas and every time things tend to fall in place just perfectly and I am always happy with the outcome.

Today I am going to talk about an online store ,which I came across and found quite amazing.I loved the wide range of products they have,and the best thing is their flash sales which are going to be up near the end of this month.I am quite impressed with their collection,although prices are on a higher side but I am eyeing their freaking crazy sales which will be getting me great discounts.

New Arrival Beautiful White Flowers Print 4 Piece Cotton Bedding Sets
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I really liked this white floral print because its not the regular roses print which is quite frequent and common.Also i admire combination of brown and white.
If price is an issue and you do not want to spend so much on redecorating,they also have cheaper bedding options,so you do not have to worry about that.They have amazing floral sales going on, so you guys should go and check out the store.

New Arrival High Quality 100% Cotton Happy Red Christmas 4 Piece Bedding Sets/Duvet Cover Sets
Here is the link for the same:

The christmas is on its way and this Happy Red Christmas bedsheet is a perfect way to redecorate your kids room and get them into festive mood.Which child will not fall in love with this santa bedsheet.If i was a child,i would have been more than happy to have this bedding. Apart from this have discounts on animal print bedding too. So you have lot to choose from.


1.Great variety,,so much to choose from.
2.I personally am a fan of their bath sets,do check them out,cutest bath sets ever.
3.They cater to every need of home decoration,even wall stickers,they have 3D print bedsheets,,which are quite cool.
4.Color schemes and prints of their bedding collection is very sophisticated.
5.Amazing 2014 boxing day sales and 3D bedding deals

New Arrival Beautiful and Cute Butterfly 12-Piece Wall Stickers

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These beautiful butterflies are a great for little girls' room and for teenage girls.And the fact that they are 3D makes them even  more interesting.

1.Price may be an issue for some.

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