CURRENTLY LOVING : Oriflame's Endless Red & Fuschia Excess Lipcolors

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How has it been going? Guys,you gonna get just the regular dose of beauty and fashion here on Hair, Fashion and beauty. It’s so chilly outside and let me tell you what I am exactly doing right now. The room heater is on, a cup of cappuccino besides me, blanket on my legs…ya you got me I am in my bed and writing this to all you guys here on the blog. So yeah that’s pretty much what I am doing right now.
Today my friends I am gonna be reviewing two shades of the ORIFLAME’s THE ONE color unlimited lipstick. The shades that I am gonna talk about are Endless Red and Fuschia Excess, Two of my currently favorites shades from the newly launched lip colors.

These are basically the stick lipsticks, just like the chapsticks that comes out once you twist them up. The lipstick is black from outside with all the company labels and details on it and once you remove the cap, the upper portion is mauvish purple as the other products from the collection. It has a classy and sophisticated look. This product has really impressed me girls and I think you will too. The product has a very light fragrance, that’s nice. I literary smelled it. I smell mostly every beauty and makeup products before I put that on my face.  NICE FRAGREANCE =  NICE FEELING  = GOOD VIBES

The lipsticks are very soft and smooth on the lips. It just melts on the touch of your lips. Both these colors are very pigmented and rich and you will see that for yourself once you get these babies here that I am talking about. You don’t need to apply anything on it. The lipstick itself gives you a shiny, rich and glossy look. One coat is just fine and leaves right amount of color on the lips, however, those who wish for darker and richer color you can go with a second too but the third coat won’t be necessary.

 What is great about this product is that this can work like a tint as well and for that you have to apply it very lightly. It will create a naturally pink effect for your lips. So this one product works as tint, gloss and lipstick….. that’s 3 in 1 guys and suitable for every one of us….in whichever way you want. It gives a nice and healthy look to your lips guys.See these two colors here.

They are so great. I am in love with both these colors and have been using them without a break whenever I go out. Do light eye makeup and put either of the two shades and there you go, you are ready for the event.

This product is great and definitely deserves to be purchased. It’s really worth for your money.

1.       Very pigmented
2.       Rich and glossy look
3.       Soft and smooth
4.       Easy to apply,  glides  to be precise
5.       Value for your money
6.       Easy to remove
7.       Long staying power

Can’t find any guys….


Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do let me know in the comments below. What are your favorite lip colors this season?  Will love to hear from you guys.
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