BATH AND BODY WORKS - Mad About You - Review

Hello everyone !!!
Today I am going to review triple moisture body cream from bath and body works in variant mad about you. I am a big big fan of BBW. They have so much great fragrances that I can just resist.  Every BBW product is so beautiful that you can’t stop yourself from purchasing.  Earlier I had got their mists, body lotion and candles and this time I got a mist, bubble bath and this triple moisturization body cream from them. The reason I got this particular variant of the body cream is that……actually there are three reasons…
1.       Fragrance obviously
2.       The name
3.       The packaging

Although it was difficult to decide among various other equally competitive variants like the dancing waters, secret wonderland and many more but as you guys know that pink is my fav and this cream here won the contest among all others. The other two products that I got are the mist and the bubble bath that I will be reviewing on the blog shortly. So stay tuned for that guys.
Well let’s talk about this product here.

MAD ABOUT YOU is from BBW signature collection. The tube says “Our exclusive Mad About You fragrance captures the rush of falling truly, madly, deeply in love.
This passionate scent is a thrilling blend of black currant, bright peony and pink jasmine kissed with white patchouli and vanilla musk.” There is so much in it guys. That’s why this product smells so so so amazing.

The company continues” our triple moisture body cream is the perfect deep, daily moisturizer:
·         Contains nourishing milk proteins, hydrating rice bran oil and protective acai berry extract..
·         Provides intense, 24-hour moisture to soften even the driest skin
·         Non-greasy formula deeply conditions”

Well there is lot of things that these guys say. Let me now tell you what I felt about the product.
Coming to the packaging first of all. I LOVE IT. Pink all over, with white and black stripes and three big flowers over it, everything is just so amazing. The packaging is so adorable and all these colors are so bright and radiant. The pink is actually metallic pink and the tube looks so classy and beautiful in itself and there is a black cap on it. I just loved the packaging. It’d about 226g so it’s a big tube you may not easily carry it in a small bag, you need a big bag for it. Considering it’s a body cream, it has to be in large amount guys so I think every body cream has that size.

The product inside is white in color. I expected it to be pink but that doesn’t matter because I want nice results as for the moisturization is concerned. The consistency is thick. But the cream absorbs very quickly in the skin. Doesn’t leave any white residue. Provides great great great moisturization. And yes as the claims, it is a very good cream for even driest of the skins. I am saying that because my dad has super dry hands and the condition worsens in the winters. He used many creams but nothing came to his rescue and when I saw that I made him use this body cream. Besides of the girly fragrance, he said that the product is so great. It provided his hands like 24-hr moisturization guys…no kidding…. His skin was so much softer, nourished and looked so healthy. And the results on my skin were likewise. Softer, smooth and well-nourished skin. This cream is just great for winters and is definitely a must buy product.

Fragrance is amazing. It stays all day long definitely gonna make people Mad About You. Ya….guys seriously.  I should describe fragrance as floral with hint white musk, you can also smell jasmine and patchouli fragrance. It’s not like sweet floral it’s more like sexy musky floral……you got my point….:)

1.       Beautiful packaging
2.       Amazing fragrance
3.       Fragrance stays all day long
4.       Very moisturizing
5.       Works great for people with dry or super dry skin
6.       A must have winter product
7.       Softer and well-nourished skin

Honestly, I tried to find misses but this product is so perfect that one can’t list any.


Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do let me know in the comments below. Is BBW yours favorite too.  Whats your fav fragrance from the brand,,,,, do tell me because I want to try more of their wonderful fragrances and product.
See you guys in my next post.
Signing off