Hello Everyone

Happy Lohri to everyone!!!!

For those who dont know what "LOHRI" is, here is some details about it. Lohri is basically a festival that is celebrated widely in the northern parts of India. It usually occurs in the mid of January and usually its on 13th of January and the next day is Makar sankranti. (It marks the beginning of a new month)

During the day time its celebrated by flying kites. Kite flying is more of a competition. Everyone tries to cut each others kites so as to become the winner of the game. The entire sky is filled with colorful kits and the atmosphere is so joyous and full of happiness.

Lohri is traditionally associated with the harvest of the rabi crops.

At night there is bonfire. Friends, family and relatives sit around it and chit chat while eating  GajakSarson da saagMakki di roti, ground nuts and jaggery. It is also traditional to eat "til rice" which is made by mixing jaggery, sesame seeds and rice.

Lohri is celebrated to denote the last of the coldest days of winter.

Singing and dancing form an intrinsic part of the celebrations.

So guys HAPPY LOHRI.......Its great that we all internet people can share so much stuff with each other. Knowing about different cultures, festivals is so much fun. I have always enjoyed that and i am always eager to learn more and more because there is no limit to it. Hope you liked a little information about this festival. So have a nice day....

PS: Images taken from google