STREAX Hair Serum with Walnut Oil

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Comment allez vous??? (How are you) It’s too cold outside….it’s like freezing cold. There has been a power cut at my place since morning and this is freaking me out seriously. Some kind of electrical wiring and new transformers are being installed by the authorities and that’s why the power has been cut off for today. My laptop battery is on verge of dying and I am making best of my efforts to write a post within time before it drains off completely. I didn’t charged my laptop yesterday and that’s why I am in this difficult situation today. hehehe….Well no probs….the power will be on in hour or two and then we can have disturbance less communication. 

So today I am going to review Streax hair serum that was actually gifted to me. I haven’t used this particular one before since now. I have used some other variant from streax in past and did not find the product very useful and have sworn to not to use this brand again. And then out of all that you get the same brand product as the gift. This however is a different variant from the one I had used. This one says Streax hair serum vitalized with walnut oil and the one I had used had green packaging and nice fragrance and not so good results and that’s all I remember of it.
Normally I use L’oreal Paris hair serum or the one from Matrix. These two works great for me uptil now.

So why I am reviewing this one? Because to review a product you have to use a product for nice amount of time and then can you only tell about the pros and cons. The story behind me using it was that one day when I was going to apply serum on my hair I found that my L’oreal bottle has went empty. I didn’t check that initially guys otherwise I would have got it. So now I had to put some serum on my hair and this was lying in one of my drawers and so I applied it. And now I am gonna tell you girls about it….

WHAT THE PRODUCT SAYS: “It is enriched with natural oils that are known for hair nourishment.” Doesn’t that sound vague….However you get the name of the oils in the ingredient list like walnut oil, almond oil and vitamin E. “It enhances hair smoothness and your hair stay shiny and manageable all day”

Well the product smells OK.... The fragrance can be little strong for some of you but it lightens and goes away later on. so that's OK for me.

the serum comes in a pump bottle so I give it a thumbs up for this, unlike the matrix serum which I earlier used. the product comes out in a right amount. As for hair length 2 to 3 pumps are just enough.
I felt my hair softer and smoother. It added much needed shine to my hair. My frizz got under control. Th hair looks healthier. So it worked great for me.

1.       Glossy hair
2.       Healthy and shiny looking hair
3.       Spreads nicely
4.       Small amount is just fine….although may vary depending the length of the hair

Little strong fragrance when you smell the serum from the bottle. Some may not like it. However it becomes light after you apply it on your hair.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND IT TO A FRIEND? You can check this is out because it may work just fine for you like it did for me.

RATINGS: 3.7/5
Hop you liked the review and find it useful. Do any one of you have a story like mine about how you thought about a certain product being not good and then you realized that it’s actually works fine and nice. If you have, do tell me about the same in the comments below. Would lov to read about that.

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