Hello everybody
How is every body? Today it was too cold. It was raining since the last night continuously. Although the temperature wasn't too low but rain made everything little messy. And thank god I got my supplies for the month two days back. hahaha...So I am gonna be doing a haul post today and will show you all the stuff I got. I have been running short of these supplies so I had to pick them up.
So without wasting anymore time lets get started with the haul here....

So for the hair I got Schwarzkopf super soft shampoo with coconut and shea butter. I have a really dry hair so I always go for extra moisturizing shampoo which can provide be great nourishment. Aslo I am a big fan of coconut so I just picked this up. It looked nice to me and I am using it for the first time and I hope it works nice for me.

And the second thing that i got for my hair is the livon moroccan silk serum and this one also, I will be using it for the first time. It has been launched recently in India so I just grabbed it.

For my body I got Vaseline toatal moisture cocoa glow body lotion. Like my hair my skin is also a dry one so yeahhhh that's what I got for it plus I liked its chocolaty fragrance that I couldn't resist.

For my face I picked up Lakme maximum moisturiser peach milk, I have used this product like fro child hood. My mother used it and so did my elder sister and so did I. I just love the fragrance. I 'll just give it a thumbs up.

Then I got Olay face wash and VLCC diamond bhasma facial mask. I also bought clean and clear blackhead removing face scrub plus Lotus's Oatmeal and Yoghurt face scrub. You can check review here

Last but not the least I got Layerr Wattagirl mist in variant Mystic island and guys there is something mystical about the fragrance and I love it....

Hope you guys liked the haul. The product reviews will follow shortly once I have used them and experienced them. So stay tuned for that.