ORIFLAM'S Brownie Delight, Desert Sand And Cherry Brown - Review & Swatches

Hello Beautiful people of Internet
How are you all doing? Well for me it has become a little to balance out things, as lot things are going in my life. There is lot of work to do and I am literally juggling between everything. I am trying my best to keep a balance. So saying that, today I will be reviewing some brown shade lipsticks today here on the blog. So today I will be reviewing three new shades from Oriflame’s THE ONE range and these three are called Brownie Delight, Desert Sand and the third one is called Cherry Brown.

Personally I am not a fan of brown lipsticks but I usually I see lot of people around me using the brown colors for their lip sticks. My mom is also a big fan of shade Brown. I remember (when I was little younger and was not so much in makeup) whenever she went shopping, it was like a tradition, heheh, she always picked up a brown lipstick. I used to tell her that already have so many browns but she always said this one is little different from the one she already had. Well I think I can understand that now because I have the same habit for pinks and reds.
One more thing, these colors are not just typical browns that we usually see but have a hint of uniqueness, so lets us what’s that.

A hydrating lipstick that gives you beautiful intense matte lips to star your day with blend of avocado and jojoba oil plus vitamin E to hydrate, condition and protect the lips.
Intense shades
Non- glossy matte finish
Non- Drying on lips

I have already talked about the packaging of the lipsticks in the post where I have reviewed the other variants. So it’s same for these too. Purple cardboard box and so is the lipstick inside.
The colors are very pigmented and rich. Just one swipe over the lips is enough, puts the apt amount of product on the lips. For even darker shade, go on with second swipe. That would be just enough, no more is needed. It felt so soft and smooth on the lips. It glided very swiftly. I didn’t have to apply any pressure to get the color on my lips. Its came (on the lips) with the touch of the product.
It gives a final matte look without drying the lips. Instead lips are left soft and moisturized. So overall, these are some great quality lipsticks from Oriflame that are definitely worth your money.

BROWNIE DELIGHT: This one is brown color with pink undertones. It looks more of a pink than brown on a single swipe. Although I expected it to be a chocolate brown just like a browny. But no problem color is pretty either way.

DESSERT SAND: This one is a light brown color that’s one shade darker than the brownie delight. This one is a proper light brown color.

CHERRY BROWN: This one is darker than the previous two shades that I mentioned. This color is brown plus has tinge of maroon to it. The color shade aptly goes with name of this lipstick that’s CHERRY for the red part and BROWN for the obvious.

1.      Sturdy packaging’
2.      Very rich and pigmented
3.      Long staying Power
4.      Soft and smooth on the lips
5.      Easily to apply, swiftly glides
6.      Doesn’t dries the lips
7.      Not the typical browns, its different and pretty

These are some great lip colors and I think there is any. Color preferences vary to person to person.

WOULD I RECOMMEND TO A FRIEND? Well that depends.  The quality as I have already mentioned is great.  Buying these particular shades depends on personal choice of the colors. If you use brown lipsticks then these ones are a must try.You will definitely like these.
And if not then no matter check other shades from the range. I have already reviewed them here on the blog. So check them out.

Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do tell me in the comments below. See you guys in my next post.


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