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How are you all doing? Winters are finally here in Delhi. I can feel the chilly wind touching my feet,entering through the door of my room while I am typing this post here. Yesterday, one of my friend asked me that  "Kriti,what should I do for my falling hair.They are growing thin day by day?" and I gave her some tips or you can say told her what all I do and then I thought why not I share the same with my friends on internet. Yes you all my lovely readers.
Before telling about my hair care routine. I must tell you guys that whenever the season changes, a little bit of hair fall is very normal. whether its your hair or skin, you guys need not worry to much. But yes when its not normal then it means you are not using the right kind of products my dear girls.

So yes this what I am currently doing to keep my hair healthy.

Winters tend to make your hair dry. Your hair loses its moisture and looks very rough.
So oiling your hair is must. Now there is a technique while you oil your hair. Don't just empty the entire bottle on your hair thinking that it will give lot of nourishment to your hair. The right approach is to use small small amount of oil and apply it taking sections of your hair.Proper massage of your hair is very essential.Massaging the scalp increases the blood circulation and this is what makes your hair look shinier after the wash.
I usually massage my hair with a good coconut oil or a mixture of olive oil and the coconut oil.Currently I am using L'Oreal hair spa oil. If you wish to have its review, do tell me in the comments below.

For the shampoo use the one with less detergent content because that will be less harsh for your hair. Currently I am using Well Professionals shampoo (Enrich) and the same mask. Hair masks are very essential, especially in this winter season. They tend to nourish your hair well.

And then after the hair wash you have to use a good hair serum for your hair.Currently what's working great for me is the Livon Moroccan oil serum.

All these products work great for me and I am sure they are going to work fine for you guys too.

If you wish to hear more about these products then do tell me in the comments below. So that I can post the review for your guys soon on the blog.

Hope you liked the review and found it useful. Do tell me in the comments below. See you guys in my next post. Bye.

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