Dear my beautiful pretty readers!!!!

Whats up. How are you all doing? Must be busy busy and busy. But still you come to read my blog and I am so glad that you do. Well today I have got something different for you here. Today is different and many will be thinking why is so because today HFBB writer wont be writing any review or article about some beauty product, though you will continue to get its dose always from me but today is different and why is so? Because I wish to add some hint of my own personalized spices to the usual dish that I deliver here. Ya you know....I can be funny sometimes. So yes lets talk about our post title now.

My friend Launna would say that I have gone like her today.Well life is not full of roses or is full of thorns. Every person in some stage or period faces this dilemma. Whether its you, me and any other person in this world. My dear friends don't be afraid. Life is beautiful indeed. Nothing is permanent in this world.

Always believe that we all are tourists in this journey called 'life'. God is our guide. He has invited us to be part of a world he created. For each person this invitation means different. Don't be disheartened when you see that someone is getting more tastier mocktail than you(just by seeing from far away). That mocktail may not taste that good to you because you may have a different taste. Each of us are God's unique creation and feel proud in that. Since god has invited you to this party 'life' of his, dont worry you will definitely enjoy in his event.

"Life is like a photography........You develop from negatives..........:)"

So yes, this is pretty much me talking from my heart....and what do you think. Am I good at it???

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