'Khadi' products are known for being natural and pure. The company claims to use all natural ingredients in the products it manufactures. The term khadi has been popularly used in the history of India. Mr. Mohan Das Kara Chand Gandhi, also known as Gandhi as well as Bapu has a big connection to the term khadi, actually. It is a tale of a time when India was under the rule of the east India company. The company brought its indigenous products to the land of India that fascinated the natives people. It was actually a strategy of the foreign people to make the natives slaves of their products and ultimately theirs. Well this scenario has always been faced by one or the other country in some point in the history. While all this was going Gandhi came with the concept "wear indigenously produced cloth" and this cloth produced by the Indians were called khadi.

So my point here is that this according to me(my personal views)all this makes the company sound interesting and this is all that came to my mind when I first heard of this brand. Plus the term puts a great sense of responsibility on the company itself so as to not to compromise with its quality ever.
So the product that I am going to review today is Khadi's Neem and Tulsi face pack. My skin is acne prone skin as my consistent readers would during my teens and I am very careful with what kind of products that I use. For my face pack routine I have used freeman's avocado and oatmeal, multani mitti packs, lush mask of magnaminty and many more you would have known. So this time I grabbed my hands on this pack.
PRODUCT INGREDIENTS AS IT'S WRITTEN IT: Neem, tulsi, rose extracts etc. and that is it, nothing else.

This face pack comes in a small little cute tin container. The mixture inside the tin container is yellowish-muddish in color like usual multani mitti packs look. After buying it I thought it's like a usual multani mitti and with same effects but it's actually not and is bit different from plain multani mitti(fullers earth).
HOW THE PACK SMELLS: For those who have a sensitive nose like me, it may smell little weird initially and then it's like ok. I don't know what but I think then you get used to the smell later. But it's ok not bad. I think it's more of a herbal smell. This is what neem and tulsi smell like when they are dried and made into powder I think. Well in a way it's great, you get an assurance that you are not getting a plain multani mitti in name of a neem and tulsi pack.

HOW  TO USE IT: Since its a powder kind of pack you have to mix it with plain water. Better if you mix it with rose water or you can also mix it with cucumber water to get extra refreshing effects, specially to beat the summer heat. I personally prefer the rose water mixture.
AMOUNT TO BE TAKEN: A small amount of powder is just fine to cover your entire face and neck area. I recommend to always use a thin layer of the product. A thick layer is not going to give you some extra effects. It is just the wastage of the product and time as thicker the layer more time would it take to get dry.

ON APPLICATION: You can apply the pack with your top finger or its better to use a face pack brush for the application. On the application of the mask you may have a tingling effect. When I used it for the first time this effect was similar to the one when you bleach your face. Yes the tingling effect is that much. The pack dries in 10 to 12 minutes and you can remove it with plain water.

HOW IT FEELS: The tingling effect I think is due to its ingredient Neem. I felt my skin clearer and refreshed. The pack does dries out your face, so it's great for removing excessive oil from the skin. You can use a good moisturizer after it, the skin however becomes fine after 15 to 30 minutes even if you don't use a moisturizer. I didn't experienced any break outs after its application.

FINAL VERDIT: It's a good face pack. I give it 4 out 5 marks. 1 mark deducted for the smell plus in complete information of the ingredients. It works just fine for the acne prone skin and deserves being tried by you all. It neither costly and worth the money.
I hope you all liked the review and found it interesting. Do tell me in the comments below. Love you all.
Till my next update bye ....



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