ORIFLAME'S Love Nature Lip Balm review

Good morning to some and night to others. Yes this is the power of internet girls. I realize it every time when I want to connect with you all and it gives me a way to do the  same. well I am a big fan of lip balms. I have always been fascinated by all the new lip products that come into the market  especially the lip care ones than the cosmetic ones. These lip care products really help to protect the most sensitive part of your face that is the lips and I have always been fond of them. So today I am going to introduce you girls to these new lip balms that oriflame Sweden recently launched here in India that are from their collection Love nature. Isn't the collection name in itself so amazing. Yes indeed. 

I don't think so the brand needs any introduction. It's so popular in itself.
Coming to the lip balms, the brand has came up with three variants of the lip balms namely Cherry, Strawberry and Raspberry.
The balms come in small plastic pots with white upper cover and transparent bases as you can see in the pictures below. The cherry variant is blood red in color when you see it through the pot. The Strawberry one is as usual pink while the raspberry, is one with more lighter shade of the pink. Well I expected raspberry to be the darker among the two but heyyy Kriti you went wrong it's the opposite. Guys I have a big fat question for you all. Please do answer in the comments below. Strawberry is red in color (as I know of, correct me if I am wrong) then why the products, the one with strawberry in them, are usually pink in color. Yeahhh I am in a big dilemma at this point. Do tell me guys. Ohhhk then so let's talk about how these balms worked for me.

The lip balms have a very creamy texture. You just have to swipe your index finger on the product (I use circular motion to get the product) and then just apply the product on the lips.
The lip balms are quite glossy and shiny, nourishes the lips well. The staying power of the balms is few hours, you can say like 2 to 3 hours and then the reapplication is necessary. 

Coming to the pigmentation, balms are  pretty much clear on the lips, doesn't give much of color to your lips. The balms look very pigmented in the pots and the same was expected by me after the application but it's actually not. They look completely transparent on the lips. So basically they don't give any color to your lips and gives only a glossy effect to the lips. Personally I don't like that. I wish to have some tint of color on the lips.

So overall, these lip balms are ok. They nourish your lips well and keep them  hydrated. Prevent them from cracking but for people who wish to have a bit of color in their balms, then this one will not satisfy.
So if you are thinking whether to get it or not, then to that I would say the balms are worth giving a try. You can choose from three different variants as per your choice of which fruit you like the most because the lip balms smell just like the way the name says on them.

Hope you guys liked the review and found it useful. Do let me know in the comments below. You can also check out more of the Oriflame's love nature product from their catalogue. You will find that these guys have some amazing stuff and you'll surely like it.
See you guys in my next post. Stay connected.