Oriflame Tenderly EDT-Review

Happy September Guys!!!
My warm greetings to everybody reading this post.Today i have sat down to write down a review which was being delayed for a long time because there was so much going on in my life that i could not get myself to sit down and write this article.But now,today i am having some "me" time so I thought about penning this down.

So today I am going to talk about and actually review this EDT from oriflame which is called Tenderly.Let's see what the bottle looks like:

The name is quite cute actually.Before i give my take on this ..lets see what the company claims about their this product:

Tenderly by Oriflame is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. The beautiful, feminine pink magnolia flower is the key fragrance note. A symbol of youth, innocence and positive life force, this unique ingredient asserts its presence through a bouquet of meadow flowers, providing a soft springtime heart for this radiant scent.
Tenderly was launched in 2014. The nose behind this fragrance is Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann
Top notes are mandarin blossom, clover and blackberry; middle notes are poppy, orchid, magnolia and chamomile; base notes are sandalwood, heliotrope and vanilla.

My opinion:

I personally am a fan of oriflame fragrances,,because they are different and rare.Their higher end fragrances are quite elegant and unique and generally match the quality of higher end branded perfumes. The factor behind the company’s success is the high calibre of the people on board. Two of the world’s greatest modern perfumers are behind the company’s scents – Jean Jacques and Francis Kurkdjian – who also create fragrances for other international names including Elie Saab, Burberryand Givenchy. Today, Oriflame’s perfumes include seductive blends using notes such as black rose, amber, jasmine and patchouli as well as fresh scents featuring green basil, vanilla orchid and orange blossom.

I own quite a lot number of their fragrances,,i generally tend to collect these,and whenever there are great discounts on fragrances;which generally are,I go mad with excitement.So even if they are priced between 1500-2000 indian rupees,,if you get a good deal you can get it for about 1000-1200,,which is a just price for a decent perfume

So now coming to this particular fragrance,,I experienced that it is not a very strong scent,but definitely a flowery scent.I liked the fragrance when i smelled it for the first time,i was not confused whether i like it or not.It definitely is no ordinary scent.Its different.It has a good old romantic feel to it,which is very nice.If you talk about its staying power,,its pretty decent ,it stays upto 6-8 hours.Also the packaging is quite nice and light,,so if you want you can carry it around in your handbag, if you need to; coz its so compact.

And the best part about it, right now guys is that it is on sale in their september catalogue.You know just before writing this post,i checked their monthly catalogue which is what i do on first day of every month(because that's the day their new catalogue is launched online) and i saw that its 50% off.This means its going to cost just 999 INR.(high five)(what more you could ask for on the very first day of the month)I was so superexcited that i decided to share this news with my readers.I am definitely going to order this to stock it up.

I hope you guys find this review useful.I really had so much fun sharing this with you guys.
Will be writing again soon