ORIFLAME SkinPro Cleansing System

Greetings to all!!!
Every one of us are not so good at something while we are perfect at others. The same is applicable to the beauty part. Some of us are blessed with beautiful hands, some with hair and some with skin. But with this, it is also necessary that we make continuous effort to maintain what dear lord has given us. What I personally believe is that it is very important to take care about things if you wish them to stay beautiful for longer or like forever.
I have always admired women with beautiful skin and have always wanted the same for me as well. I have seen many Youtubers and bloggers talk about some cleansing system that they claimed to help your skin look amazing. I have been always been fascinated by such machines and today  I am going to review one such that is called Oriflame SkinPro cleansing system.
So let me just cut short the chat and directly jump over to the review.

SkinPro works to gently and efficiently remove dirt, makeup and oil/sebum. It removes the dead skin cells and deep seated impurities from the pores and cleanses the skin five times faster than manual cleansing.

*Cleansing device
*Normal/snsitve brush head
*a brush head cover
*a table stand
*travel pouch
*Two AA batteries

This sky blue colored machine is very carefully designed to be used with utmost ease and comfort. One can hold it effortlessly with nice grip.
There are two at the back, one for switching the system on and off and other to switch between two different speeds which the brush rotates. Since it is a one minute cleansing system the machine has a feature that makes it stops automatically after a minute. However you can manually switch it on again if you wish to go for a second round. This automatic cut off thing is a great in two ways, one, You just don’t need to worry about having watch over the time, it automatically does that and, two, it prevents the overheating protecting the machine from any kind of damage.


The Brush: The brush bristles are extra soft and therefore very apt for the sensitive face skin.
Table Stand: Place the cleansing system over a table top, your dresser or on any shelf, this table stand does that all.
Brush Head Cover: Protects the brush from any kind of dust or dirt when the system is not in use.

1.      Put in the AA batteries
2.      Fix the brush at top at the machine axle
3.      Switch the button ‘on’
4.      Put some your usual cleanser on the brush.
5.      And that is it. Move the system over your face.

IDEAL TIME: 10 Seconds for each of your cheeks and 20 seconds each for the chine and the forehead. Well that’s what guide says however you can extend a bit of the seconds as your need.

As the company claims to cleanse your pore, and this what made me actually interested in the machine at first, yes my readers it actually does that very effectively. You don’t see that on first or second day but yes after 4 to 5 days you start experiencing that. I felt the skin very soft and smooth immediately after using it. The skin actually looks very bright and glowing. What I think is that this brush massaging also improves the blood circulation of the skin and that’s why skin looks very freshened up.
The pores are cleaned very well and I felt my skin soft the entire day. I use a good moisturizer after using it to lock in the moisture to keep my skin hydrated and to avoid any kind of dryness.


It is an amazing product. I recommend every one of you, whoever is reading this post to buy it. It helps your troubled skin and cleanses it very well and that just in one minute. It just a minute every day for a beautiful skin.
Hope you all liked the product review and found it useful. Do let me know in the comments below. Love to read them.