Namastey Pumpkins
Quickly, everyone reading the post first of all tell me what all is going on in your lives? Is there a new school you are joining, changing a job or joining the first one, one’s going to senior year raise your hands, or those still in the high school, is any one of you shifting to a new place for your education or job, or is there any wedding around the corner, tell me in the comments. I really wish to know what all my readers are doing while they know everything about me or you guys still wish to know more just drop me a mail. If you wish to send me postcard you can also do that for that you just drop me mail and I will send you my address.

It’s a short but sweet kind of post today. I wish you to show all my new heels from Carlton London. I got this as my birthday present from my elder sister. Those who follow my blog regularly would definitely know her. She does sometimes contributes to the posts on the blog.
Well my birthday was in October and this November, and its little late but the excitement and fun is still the same.

Below you the heels that are in brown tan color. The heels are in leather and they are really have a glossy touch. The leather looks so classy and sophisticated.
If I have to give these heels a name then I will say that they are my Sandra Bullock in ‘The Proposal’ heels. Yes the heels give me so smart and professional look. They are just great for my office.

Hope you all too liked the heels. Which footwear is your favorite these days, do let me know in the comments below. I would love to read them and you all will surely get a reply.